Rodolfo Pantillano is a finance and economics specialist with 20 years of analytical work experience. He has held various consultancy posts at USAID, PEMSEA/GEF/UNDP and ADB. His recent assignments have focused on developing the local financial markets and enabling the private sector participate in challenging sectors such as environmental infrastructures, and water and sanitation investments.

Under a USAID technical assistance project, Mr. Pantillano was a sub-component team leader tasked to operationalize the Philippine Water Revolving Fund, a JICA-funded lending facility designed to attract private sector participants in water and sanitation projects. Mr. Pantillano has also been involved in project development and advisory work for institutions like Manila Water Corporation, DBP, LWUA and numerous water districts and local governments.

Prior to his consulting work, Mr. Pantillano has worked as a financial analyst with several stock brokerage firms in the Philippines. Between 2007-2001, he was a Senior Investment Research Manager focusing on the Philippine equities market for a major Singaporean.

Mr. Pantillano holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Master of Arts Degree in Economics both from the University of the Philippines.