Nicolette Ann Cruz

Nicolette Ann Cruz is a lawyer with 12 years of professional experience in Philippine government concessions; government contract drafting, negotiations, enforcement and litigation; and government infrastructure projects, public-private partnerships (PPP) and procurement.

She is highly experienced in Philippine land reclamation projects; reclamation approval processes; reclamation related-agency consents; reclamation project management; and reclamation contract drafting, negotiations, enforcement and litigation. She is the youngest but also one of the most senior reclamation law practitioners in the Philippines. She served as assistant to the General Manager of the Philippine Reclamation Authority from 2014 to 2016, and afterwards commenced her work as an expert legal advisor for both the public and the private sector concerning various land reclamation projects in the country.

Prior to establishing her own practice on government contracts, Atty. Cruz was able to work for the Office of the Chief Justice of the Philippines, the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines, the Philippine Congress and Philippine Senate. In all three branches of the Philippine government, her work has centered on government contracts, concessions, franchises and PPP’s. She is highly experienced in writing legal pleadings, memoranda, contracts, court decisions, bills/laws, and administrative and executive legal orders, issuances, circulars, rules and regulations, as well as in the Philippine adjudication and law-making process. She is well-versed in both domestic and international government contract negotiations.

Apart from land reclamation infrastructure projects, Atty. Cruz is also highly skilled in all other Philippine infrastructure project legal advisory, with significant experience in advising both the government and the private sector concerning real estate development; toll road construction, operation and maintenance; seaport design and construction; airport joint ventures; information and communications technology installations; automation of government services; lease and development of government land; dredging and backfilling works; environmental rehabilitation and clean-up; construction of tourism infrastructure, transportation infrastructure and facilities; and private and government relocation and replication infrastructure, among others.

Atty. Cruz received her J.D. degree with academic excellence and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the Ateneo De Manila University and is a member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. She is a staunch advocate of human rights, and of a clean, compliant and consciously public welfare-oriented delivery of infrastructure and other public services through PPPs, procurement and government contracting.