Why CFP?

Our Advantage

We have unrivaled experience in advising both private investors and government sponsors on major projects. We apply our unique understanding of the policy and business environment for infrastructure development to bridge the gap between public and private objectives. The result is a thriving solution for both.

CFP understands the importance of transparency, integrity, and broad stakeholder engagement in structuring and designing projects that achieve commercial viability, efficient operations and sustainable growth.

Our principals and advisors possess broad professional expertise and networks, which they couple with insightful local knowledge to help clients identify and pursue investment opportunities in infrastructure or business acquisitions.

We can provide advice at all stages of a project’s life cycle; from policy and planning to project origination and development, to transaction structuring and implementation, as well as contract management.

We provide more than just transaction support. We always go the extra mile for our clients and make every effort to provide value, personalization, engagement, timeliness, and pro-activity.

CFP adds value to our clients by:


Providing a multi-disciplinary service which combines strategic advice with legal, financial and technical due diligence


Seeking ways to get optimal transaction structures through complex risk analysis and financial modeling


Managing the project financing process independently from creditors to get the best sources of financing


Providing experience and networks gained from advising government agencies, private sector corporations, and international financing or donor institutions.