CFP continues its role as the Lead Financial Advisor to Appsolutely, a pioneering Philippine company that builds and powers digital loyalty and marketing tools to help businesses around the world better understand, engage and retain their customers. The company sees itself as a one-stop partner for businesses, providing cost-effective enterprise, customer loyalty, mobile commerce and digital marketing solutions. The company’s white-label mobile loyalty and commerce applications are fully customizable to help clients promote products, strengthen customer loyalty and expand market reach. CFP supported Appsolutely in raising Series A and B capital through private placements. Subsequently, CFP had advised on the company’s first token generation event which launched a digital asset and cryptocurrency known as LoyalCoin. Through LoyalCoin, the company enables registered users to send remittances and make e-commerce purchases. The company continues to innovate through the use of blockchain technology to add new business components to its growing ecosystem. CFP has provided financial and legal advisory services to provide an independent opinion of value of Appsolutely’s business, prepare selling documents, assist in finding potential qualified investors, advise on commercial terms and conditions of equity financing, and prepare all requisite transaction documents to reach successful deal closing. CFP has also provided constant guidance to help the company meet its medium-term business and financial growth targets based on agreed strategies and work plans.