CFP is the local joint venture partner of Dermalog Identification Systems for the delivery of the country’s upgraded drivers licensing system with AFIS. This is done to support the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in implementing the issuance of the new Philippine driver’s license with 5-year validity. Dermalog, based in Hamburg, is the largest German biometrics manufacturer and is known as the world’s Biometrics Innovation Leader. The company’s team of scientists is constantly developing their Automatic Biometric Identification Systems and AFIS, including cutting-edge fingerprint scanning devices. Their product portfolio is complemented by biometric border control systems and biometric ID cards and passports as well as biometric voting systems. Apart from Germany and Europe, the main markets of Dermalog are in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Today, more than 150 government agencies and over 40 banks in more than 80 countries are using Dermalog’s technology and turnkey solutions for biometric identification. The  new Philippine driver’s license is now the most secure ID issued by the government.