CFP is the lead transaction advisor and played a major role in the successful formation of the MTD-PRLM consortium for the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) Project. The group is comprised of MTD Capital Bhd (Malaysia) and Puregold Realty Leasing and Management, Inc. Also joining the consortium and fulfilling technical requirements are Puregold Price Club, Inc., Maybank Philippines, Inc., and Singapore’s Transit Link Pte. Ltd. The AFCS Project, estimated to cost approximately US$ 42.90 M, involves the decommissioning of the old-magnetic-based ticketing system and replacing the same with contactless-based smart card technology on LRT Line 1 and 2 and MRT Line 3, with the introduction of a centralized back office that will perform apportionment of revenues.  In addition, the private sector will operate and maintain the fare collection system.